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Series Of Ac High Voltage Automatic Reclosers

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series of AC high voltage automatic reclosers  This product AC high voltage outdoor intelligent vacuum switchgear rated frequency 50Hz, rated voltage 12KV three-phase. It can replace the circuit breaker column alone; usually with high pressure slicer use together to form an intelligent power system protection features, flexible application of the urban network in the end 10KV substation, power ring road junction or on radial grid power lines, which not only has ZW32-12 vacuum circuit breaker with all the features and benefits, but also according to different protection requirements, flexibly arranged traditional three-current protection and over-current or speed off the anti-time protection.  Recloser reasonably selected according to the different power system protection requirements with the corresponding inverse - second curve, coincides interval reclosing operation parameters such as the number of gates, achieve multiple reclosing lockout and ultimately into the closing state functions to achieve automatic rapid elimination of transient fault, permanent fault isolation purposes segments.ItemsUnitRated voltagekV12Rated currentA630Rated short circuit breaking currentkA20/25Rated short circuit making current (peak value)50Rated peak withstand current50Rated short circuit withstand current50Rated short circuit durationS4Rated insulating level1 minimum PF withstand voltagePhase to phase, to ground 40, fracture 48phase to phase, to ground 75, fracture 85Lightning impolse withstand voltage peak valueRated sequence of operationsO-0.3s-CO-180s-CORated short circuit current breaking time30Mechanical endurance10,000Rated operation voltage (opening, closing coil)VDC220,110   AC220,110Moving and fixed contact allowance wearing collation thicknessmm3Over-current release nominal current5Current transformer ratioA200/5,400/5 and 600/51 minimum second PF withstand voltagemm2Over current tripping currentA5Rated single capacitor bank switching currentkA630

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