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Sff Cwdm Optic Transceiver Module

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SFP CWDM Optic Transceiver ModuleProduct IntroductionFeatures●Operating data rate up to 1.25Gbps/2.5Gbps●Duplex LC Single-Mode Transceiver●For 1.25G CWDM SFF,APD receiver can up to 120KM transmission ●Uncooled DFB laser transmitter ●18 channels can be selected from 1270 nm to 1610nm in wavelength●Single 3.3V Power supply  ●DC/AC Coupled Signal Input / Output●LVTTL Transmitter Disable Input●LVTTL Signal Detect Output●Small Form Factor 2X5 pin Package●Operating Case Temperature: Standard: 0℃~+70℃,Industrial:-40℃~+85℃ ●ROHS6 CompliantApplications●Fiber Channel Links●WDM Gigabit Ethernet Links●SONET/SDH Equipment InterconnectProduct Number Data      Rate Wavelength      (nm) Transmission      Distance Connector Laser      (Tx) Detector      (RX) Datasheet      Download FPCPXX1GL-401.25G1270-161040KMLCDFBPINDatasheetFPCPXX1GL-801.25G1270-161080KMLCDFBPINDatasheetFPCPXX1GL-1201.25G1470-1610120KMLCDFBAPDDatasheetFPCPXX2GL-402.5G1270-161040KMLCDFBPINDatasheetFPCPXX2GL-802.5G1270-161080KMLCDFBAPDDatasheet

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