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Sfp+ Loopback

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Electrical Loopbacks from ZKTel intend to support Telecom and Datacom applications,Website:http://www.sfpchina.com, which provide a method for port operations testing in board and system. They are hot swappable, constructed of metal cast for excellent EMI performance. ZKTel's SFP&SFP+ Electrical Loopbacks are compliant with the SFP&SFP+ Multi-Source Agreement (MSA) Specification. They comply with SONET, SDH, Gigabit Ethernet, Fiber Channel and the OIF Proposal for a Unified 10G Specification. Digital diagnostics functions are available via a 2-wire serial interface, as specified in the SFP&SFP+ MSA. Especially, ZKTel's SFP&SFP+ have two LED indicators to display the operating status. The green indicator lights when module is loaded correctly, and it blinks when module's temperature is beyond the allowable range. The red indicator displays power-down status, and blinking when module shuts down itself due to the highest or lowest temperature it can bear.Product Feature• Supports 100Mb/s to 10.7Gb/s bit rates• Hot-pluggable MSA footprint• Dual LED indicator to display module status• No Reference Clock required• Built-in digital diagnostic functions• Operation case temperature range -40°C to 85°C• Compliant with SONET, SDH, GBE, FC• 1W or customized power consumption• Automatically shut down & self-protectionApplications• Board and system level testing• Test and measurement• Switch and Router chamber testing

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