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Sh Amorphous Alloy Transformer

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SH amorphous alloy transformerPerformance and characteristic: amorphous alloy is a new type strip without crystal structure, this kind of new material with low eddy current loss because of low magnetizing power and high electrical resistivity can be used for the core for a new kind of energy-saving transformer regarded as a idea products for upgrade of power distribution network. The transformer adopts wound core that is 3-phase with 5 legs, and its section is rectangular. The winding produced by oxygen free copper or copper foil can raise the capacity of withstanding short circuit. The transformer adopting Dyn11 connection can avoid the influence of higher harmonic and improve the capacity of withstanding unbalanced charge, thus improving observably quality of power supply. The vacuum fill for transformer oil can eliminate the bubble in winding and insure the insulation dynamic. The conservator is canceled and the fin plate of corrugated tank is used as the heat dissipation component, it can isolate internal transformer from external atmosphere, avoid and retard the degradation and moistened insulation.

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