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Shaftless Screw Conveyor

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Overview of shaftless screw conveyor:    Shaftless screw conveyor is a new type of screw conveyor researched and developed by our company according to the actual situation of material blockage when LS type, GX type screw conveyor’’s are applied in the building material, chemical industry, environmental protection, electric power, medicine, metallurgy, food and other industries in conveying large grinding, viscosity, easy agglomerate , easy wrapping materials as well as screw machine’s failure to work normally caused by suspension bearing damage. This new product is suitable for evenly conveying relatively loose, sticky, easy to coil materials. Conveying material temperature can be up to 100 ℃, the maximum angle is less than 45 °.The characteristics of shaftless screw conveyor Shaftless screw conveyor has the following advantages compared with the traditional shaft screw conveyor by adopting no central shaft and suspension bearing design, using the overall steel spiral with certain flexibility to push materials: 1、Screw with super abrasion resistance and durability to ensure long service life2、Strong winding resistance : no central axis interference, has special superiority for conveying belt, easy winding materials to prevent the risk of accidents caused by blocking.3、Good environmental performance: adopts fully enclosed flow and spiral surface that easy to clean to ensure the environmental health and conveying material not to be polluted or leaked.4、High torque, low energy consumption: due to the screw with no shaft and the material not easy to jam, thus it can run with low speed, transmit smoothly to reduce energy consumption.5、Large delivery value: delivery value is 1.5 times than that of traditional shaft conveyor with same diameter, maximum 40 m3 / h. Long transmission distance is up to 25 m , and can use multi-stage tandem installation according to user needs to convey materials in long distance .6、Compact structure, convenient operation, durable and economic, few maintenance, and low maintenance cost.Shaftless screw conveyor technical parametersspecifications & modelsWLS150WLS200WLS250WLS300WLS400WLS500screw diameter (mm)150184237284365470shell tube diameter(mm)180219273351402500Allowed work Angle ( α )0 °~ 30 °0 °~ 30 °0 °~ 30 °0 °~ 30 °0 °~ 30 °0 °~ 30 °Maximum transmission lengths (m)121316182225maximum transferring capacity (t/h)2.479131828motorModelL ≤ 7Y90L-4Y100L1-4Y100L2-4Y132S-4Y160M-4Y160M-4power kW1.52.235.51111ModelL>7Y100L1-4Y100L2-4Y112M-4Y132M-4Y160L-4Y160L-4power kW2.2347.51515

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