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Shanghai Paou Generator Sets

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Paou series diesel generator has the advantage of low oil consumption, high reliability, high performance, low price etc has win a good reputation in the China market and overseas and the price is more competitive and attracting!600KW SHPO series diesel generator sets technical specification Generator set technical parameters Model number:WEB-600Steady voltage adjusting rate(%)≤±1Output:600KWVoltage fluctuation rate (%):≤±0.5Power factor:COSΦ=0.8(Lagging)Transient voltage regulation(%):+20~-15Voltage:400V/230VVoltage stable time(s):≤1Current:1080ASteady State frequency regulation (%):≤±1Rated frequency:50HzFrequency fluctuation (%):≤±0.5Rated rotating speed:1500rpmTransient frequency regulation(%):+10~-7Fuel grade:(standard)0#light diesel oil(normal temperature)Frequency stable time(S):≤3Dimension:3600×1550×2200(L×W×H mm)Fuel consumption(100% load):211g/kW·hWeight:4100kgNoise(LP7m):95dB(A)Diesel motor technical parameters:Brand/place of origin: SHPOCooling way:Closed Water Cycling CoolingType:TC283LW56Fuel supply way:Direct injectionNumber of Cylinder:12Speed regulation method:Speed regulation method: Electronic governing systemBore*stroke:135×158mmAir intake mode:turbochargingCompression ratio:15.6:1Capacity of overload:110%Starting mode: DC24V electric startingRotate speed:1500rpmGenerator technical parameters:Generator brand:Tongji generatorProtection grade:IP22Type:MAH-600Connection mode:three-phase four wire,Y type connectionRated power:600KWAdjusting mode:AVR(Automatic voltage regulator)Rated voltage:400V/230VFrequency:50HzInsulation:HOutput factor:COSΦ=0.8(Lagging)Generator set standard configurationØDirect injection internal combustion engine (diesel);AC synchronous generator (single bearing)Suitable environment 40℃-50℃ radiator tank, belt-driven cooling fan, protection cover of fanØAir switch, standard configuration control panel;;Generator set steel common base (including: damping rubber blanket);ØDry-type air filter, fuel filter, lubricating oil filter, starting motor, self-charging generator;ØStarting batteries and connecting cables;ØIndustrial 9dB silencer and standard component for connectionØAttached documents: Original technique documents for diesel engine and generator, generator set instruction, test report★Optional component (extra charge):ØEngine oil, diesel oil, water-jacket , anti-condensation heaterØSplit-type fuel tank, integrated fuel tank baseØautomatic battery chargerØRain-proof model set(Bin)ØSelf-protection, self-starting control panelØsilent type model set(Bin)ØThree-remote function control panelØMobile Trailer type power station(Bin trailer)ØATSØSilent type mobile station(Bin trailer)★executive standard:International standard certification ISO9001:2000Implementation of industry standards GB/T19001-2008

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