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Shearer K800/3300 ÎÌÒ is intended for working on coal seams with thickness between 1,8 and 4,5 m with inclines of up to 35 ° along and up to 10 ° across, with coal resistance to cutting of up to 420 kN/m, dangerous on dust and gas. The shearer is equipped with a feeding mechanism with variable-frequency electric drive. The supply voltage is 3300 V provides increased reliability of switching electric equipment due to reduction of current loads and therefore allows use of just one supply mains cable. The shearer has a block construction of main components, local and remote control with radio channel, control equipment, which ensures the following: control of supply voltage and correct of phase order; diagnostics of shearer components and its operation regime; chronological information (by coded query) about shearer behaviour; recording of emergency operation in the “Black box”.

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