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Sheerer Series K500Ì ÎÌÒ

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Product Description
Sheerer series K500Ì ÎÌÒ is intended for operation as a part of longwall installation with production capacity of 8 to 12 thousand tonnes per day with seam thickness of 1,8 to 3,2 mwith inclines of up to 35 degrees along and up to 10 degrees across, with coal resistance to cutting of up to 420 kN/m, dangerous on dust and gas. The shearer is equipped with ranging arms and rotary gearboxes with high capacity and lower power consumption for cutting process, electric motors with rating of 300 kW, overall performance of irrigation system is significantly improved. The control system uses processor for load regulation, local and remote controls, system of diagnostics and recording of events occurring during shearer operation. The device “Black box” monitors shearer operational behaviour and stores this information.

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