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Sheet Metal Stamping

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Essai Metal Products Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China sheet metal stamping manufacturers and suppliers with one of the famous brands, and also a professional company and factory, welcome to buy discount and cheap and wholesale low price and high quality sheet metal, press parts, die stamping, auto part, home appliance, office equipment, financial equipment products from us.Stamping includes a variety of sheet-metal forming manufacturing processes, such as punching using a machine press or stamping press, blanking, embossing, bending, flanging, and coining. This could be a single stage operation where every stroke of the press produce the desired form on the sheet metal part, or could occur through a series of stages. Die stamping's most advantage is cheap cost comparing to other forming ways for mass production.  Operations  ·Bending  ·Blanking  ·Coining  ·Drawing  ·Deep drawing  ·Repousse and chasing (embossing)  ·Forming  ·Piercing  ·Progressive stamping

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