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Shipping From China To Usa United States

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Shipping from China to USA United StatesOur USA handling office location: Los Angeles; San Francisco; Seattle; Chicago; Houston; New York; Miami You can control the shipping both China and United States.Procedureof Shipping from China to USInquiry: Pls send your cargo info ,original, destination and your special shipping requestQuote: We offer Varityshipping solution with schedule, priceand suggestion.Contract: We make a shipping contract of shipping terms, quote, service with you.Operation: We contact your suppliers, arrange pick up, consolidation, customs clearance, shipping etc.Q&A of Shipping from China to USA United StatesQ:For USA customs clearance, ISF filing is done by us or Our USA office? A: They are done by our USA office, what you need to do is sign a POA(Power of Attorney) to our USA office? Q:Can I only ask you handle the shipping at China, we use our own broker of USA to file ISF and customs clearance? A:Yes, it is ok. We will send full set of ISF documents 3 days before vessel depart China to you and copy to you broker. We will make cooperation of both sides seamlessly. Q:How to pay the shipping freight from China to USA ? A:Freight pay to China by wire transfer, paypal, westunion and Freight pay to USA office are both ok. Q:What is the Payment terms? A:Freight pay to China by wire transfer, paypal, westunion or Freight pay to USA office. Q: how to check USA Duty and Tax? A:We can check US duty and Tax according to Hs code to you immediately. Q: Which port can you handle in China for shipping from China to USA? A:We have handling office at Dalian, Tianjin, Qingdao, Shanghai, Ningbo, Xiamen, Shenzhen, Guangzhou. Can handle all your shipping shipment from China.Shipping from Hong Kong China to USA transmit timeFrom Hongkong to Los angeles/Longbeach shipping transmit time:14days direct service From Hongkong to Miami, shipping transmit time: 31days direct service From Hongkong to Chicago,IL, shipping transmit time: 24days Sea+RailShipping from China to USA route net(For more route, pls contact us)A Freight Co.,Ltd is a successful and best shipping from hong kong china to us usa united states forwarder and broker, which aims at offering you the fastest and cheapest drop transportation service. Our company is known for its economy shipping from hong kong china to us usa united states. If you are looking for qualified such agent, please feel free to contact us.

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