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Shoe Cover Dispenser

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Basic InfoModel NO.:OTO-702Type:Test Strips & Test TubeTrademark:OTOSpecification:CEOrigin:China 1. Enter the door without taking off your shoe, cover your foot with shoe cover automaticaly 2. Can be used in hospitals, laboratories, factories, offices, beauty salons, hotels, computer rooms and families 3. Shoe cover material available: Non-Woven, PE, CPE and many different kinds 4. Two bundles of shoe covers can be refilled in a few seconds5. Convenience. OTO-720 does not need electricity power to operate, which means that it can be easily deployed at any place6. Reliability. The successful rate is over 99%, for all kinds of shoe covers. No other big shoe cover dispenser can do that7. Easy of usage. Two bundles shoe covers can be added very quickly. Besides, you can add shoe covers any time you want by just checking through a window8. Fast. There is no delay at all between each usage9. No noise. There is very little noise during  usage10. Stability. The inside mechanism is too simple to be broken11. Safety. with our new design, foot stuck in the dispenser will never happen because we don't use infrared sensor in the dispenser12. Appearance. The appearance is well designed. with only 70cm high, it can hold 200PCS of shoe covers. Special custom design is also available13. Reaserch. Our research team is the best in the industry. with us, you will also be a leader and don't need to worry about outdated products14. PE, CPE weight: 3.5g per piece15. Non-woven weight: 28g per square meters, very strong16. The shoe covers for OTO-702 and for OTO-720 are the same type Product Description

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