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Shrimp Meal

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Shrimp Meal Common names Shrimp meal,Website:, Shrimp shell meal, Antarctic shrimp mealDescription: Shrimp meal or shrimp waste meal is the undecomposed ground dried waste of shrimp. There are several types of shrimp meal on the market depending on the kind of raw material used. It can contain whole shrimps and/or shrimp parts such as the heads or shells. Shrimp meal may also be made of fresh water shrimps. Shrimp meal is a by-product of the shrimp industry. Approximately 70% of total shrimp landings become waste, so there is a tremendous tonnage of shrimp waste produced. A portion of the crude protein that is contained in shrimp meal is in the form of chitin, which is not readily digestible. Processes: Shrimp meal is manufactured by sun-drying or oven-drying. The fresh material may also be boiled or steamed before drying. The dried product is marketed unground or ground. Wet (raw or ensiled) shrimp material may also be co-extruded with soybean meal. Because of its high level of chitin, shrimp meal has poor pelletizing ability. Specification: Items Index Crude Protein60.0% MinCrude Ash15% MaxMoisture10% MaxSalt5% MaxFat8%MaxTVN120mg/100gRaw materials:100% Antarctic shrimp. Capacity:3000mt/month. Delivery time: Usually within 15working days upon receipt of the deposit. Min Order Quantity: 20MT in one 20FCL. Packing: 25kg or 50kg PP woven or paper bags and we can also do as your requirement.

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