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Sic Burner Nozzle

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Product Description
*SiC Burner Nozzle Products Advantages:1.High strength&hardness,Website:,good energy absorption capability after cracks   2.Low density&light weight,excellent ballistic property         3.Endure more high temperature and suit for more applicationsThe Sintered Silicon-Carbide has been well developed and applied in various Armor situation,by the nature of its superb ballistic properties etc.As the largest Sintered Silicon-Carbide manufacturer in China,we makes the best of its advantages in technology and mass production and has established extensive cooperation with many scienttific research institutes and customers.We now are able to supply various types of batch Armour Tiles,subject to rigorous ballistic requirements.*The Contrast of SiC Burner Nozzle:PerfoemanceS-SIC(WINV2)Rb-SIC99%Al2O3Density                                         (g/cm³) Strongth                          (mpa)100380300Hardness Vickers                          (kg/mm²)260013001500Youngs Modulus                          (Gpa)410400310Fracture Toughness                      (mpa.m1/2)43.82.5Naximum Working Temperature   (℃)160013001400

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