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Sign Pneumatic Marking Machine Gzb810p

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NAMEPLATE/SIGN PNEUMATIC MARKING MACHINE GZB810P ( GZB810PA)Technical ParameterModel GZB810PAMarking Area 110mm x 80mmRepetition Accuracy 0.04mmMarking Depth 0.02-1mm (Adjustable with different material)Marking Speed: 3-5 #3 Characters Per Second Or 40 mm Straight Line Power Supply AC220V ±10% 50HzCompressed Air 0.3-0.6MpaPlate Thickness 0.2-3.0mmPower Consumption ≦150W  (Not Including Computers And Air Compressor)Packing Details Dimension(mm):  750X530X390 (machine: 330X300X560)Net Weight(kg):  23(machine:23)Gross Weight(kg): 27Product Introduction●Nameplate Marking Machine is an exclusive product in the series of HBS intelligent pneumatic marking machine, typically designed for marking all kinds of labels. To better serve our customers, this product is designed with the feature of marking small work pieces up to 140mm in height. This added design is to reward our sincere customers for their support.●Nameplate Marking Machine adopts an integration design, which with light weight and pleasant look, can mark various kinds of labels when directly connected to a computer. To facilitate marking of nameplates, this product is equipped with nameplate clamp for easy loading and unloading, simple, fast and convenient. For manufacturers focusing only on nameplates marking, this product is very economical, saving the troubles of having to re-design the nameplates. It's the machine of your choice for improving on your product quality. Product Features●Equipped with nameplate clamp, the marking work can be carries out on both flat surface or circular section that the height of them are no more than 100mm.●Suitable for manufacturers that require small and medium batch marking or nameplate marking.●Preview the marking result and View marking process directly simulated on the screen, settings saved in memory automatically, system automatically records marking quantity. ●Selectable marking effect of dots/line, check pin alignment from five positions, easy for pin alignment checking.●Convenient to save marking content, follows up marking on machine and save marking contents.

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