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Sika Industrial Thermometers

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Product Description
Jiangyin Yangfan Ship Trading Co.,Ltd is one of the best sika industrial thermometers manufacturers and suppliers in China, you can get sika industrial thermometers free sample and buy discount products from our factory.A wide variety of Sika thermometers are available. The most widely carried, standard types are listed below with their respective specifications. The thermometer casings are finished in anodized gold colour. Standard models have the graduated readings listed on the right hand side and the surface is coated for protection from outside elements. Straight Thermometer Type 271B, 291B, 174B : Threaded sockets with a solid hexagonal nut. Thermometers with a measuring range from -60 to +200 haTypeCasing Size (L×W)mmThreadImmersion(Stem) Tube Diam.mm271B200×36PT(R) 1/2" (or 3/4")10291B150×36CODERange (℃)Immersion length mmSIKA 2712CODERange (℃)Immersion length mmSIKA 2912Type-271BType-291B651901 651902 651903-30- +5063 100 160-351106321 -351110021 -351116021651941 651942 651943-30- +5063 100 160-351106321 -351110021 -351116021

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