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Silica For Adhesives Sealants

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Product Description
Silica for Adhesives and Sealants This product is characterized by high dispersion, high reinforcement and high transparency. Its use in adhesives and sealants can effectively enhance their reinforcement and thixotropic properties, increase their viscosity, as well as improve their flowability to prevent caking. Because of its small particles, it can also improve the leakproofness and anti-seepage properties of adhesives and sealants.JS-280 SILICA FOR THICKENING Test MethodsPropertiesUnitsTarget Values(Spec Limits)Actual ValuesHG/T3065-2008Loss on drying (2Hrs,105℃)%4.0-7.06.63HG/T3066-2008Ignition loss 1000℃%Max.7.04.32HG/T3072-2008DBP absorption valuecm3/g3.3-3.53.38HG/T3067-2008pH value (10%aqueous suspension)—6.0-8.06.89HG/T3062-2008SiO2  (Dry Basis)%Min.9698HG/T3073-1999BET specific surface aream2/g260-280273Soluble salt(Na2SO4)%Max.1.50.83HG/T3064-200845µm sieve residue%Max.0.5<0.1Packing MethodLDPE liners wrapped with laminated HDPEAlso available in EVA bag inner packingPacking Bags Available(Standard Bags) HDPE20kgsShipmentNET WEIGHT PER BAGSHIPMENT  ( MT )(KGS)TRUCK LOADCONTAINELOADUNPALLETIZEDPALLETIZED20' FCL40' H.C.FCL20' FCL40' H.C. FCL20.0099197.815.4

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