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Silicon Foam Dressing

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Product Description
Feature● Gentle on the skin and painless to remove, with no residue.● "Vertically" absorbs wound mucosa exudate, reducing the risk of maceration around the wound.● Absorption capacity is great,this dressing keeps the wound under appropriate temperature and humidity according to basic “moist healing” principals.● Can be reused after inspection of the wound and will not adhere to the wound bed.● Does not damage the new epithelial cells when removed.● Helps to reduce scarring.● Waterproof, yet permeable. Showering is allowed while using this dressing.● Soft and comfortable, with good compression, works as a “cushion”.Conditions: ● Applicable to variety of acute and chronic wounds, especially highly exudating wounds.● Can be used in the prevention and treatment of various pressure ulcers.Direction for use: 1.Coverage should be least 2 cm beyond the edge of the wound.2.Not for use with oxidizing solutions, such as Hypochlorite solution or Hydrogen peroxide solution (H202).3.Discontinue use if the patient is allergic to silicone.

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