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Silicone Rubber Overhead Line Cover

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Product Description
Applications:Widely used in substation protection works and railway catenary system, a significant effect in the cross-lines.Features:Design ease of installation. Use silicon rubber material, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, with good resistance to corona resistance, high temperature performance, especially suitable for the protection of the bare wire. Technical properties:PropertiesTest methodTypical dataElectical strength TestGB/T1408.1-2006≥20kV/mmDielectric constantGB/T1409-20062-3Volume ResistivityGB/T1410-2006≥1X1014Ω•cmShore HardnessGB/T 53170 ABefore heat ageingTensile StrengthGB/T 528≥4.0MpaElongation at breakGB/T 528≥200

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