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Silver Dressing

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Product Description
Features: ● Effetive and permanent antibacterial ability, and it can kill all kinds of pathogenic microorganism.● It can prevent the wound from being infected, protect wound surrounding and keep outside bacterial from going into the wound.● It can speed up healing of the wound and reduce the chance of scar formation.● It will not stick on the wound, and no pain when the dressing is changed. Secondary damage to the wound will not happen.Conditions: ● It can be used as curing highly exudated infected wound and wounds tending to be infected.● It can be used for difficult healing chronic wounds (such as diabctic foot wound, Venous leg ulcer and so on).● It can be filled into deep wound to keep it from being infected.● It can be used as anti-infection means for donated and donation wounds.Direction for use: 1.Clean the wound with saline water before using and make the skin around the wound dry.2.Silver ion dressing should not be dipped into saline water before using.3.Silver ion dressing needs to be used together with other dressings such as foam dressing, alginate calcium dressing.4.It is suggested to change the dressing every 3-4 days according to clinical needs.

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