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Simple Pvc Bathroom Wash Rinse Station Toilet Floor Bathroom Cabinet Combination

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Origin: HangzhouInstallation method: floor typeTexture of material:PVC(cabinet),Website:,Silver mirror(mirror),ceramics(Wash Basin)Port of shipment: Ningbo, ShanghaiMOQ:5Delivery time:10-15dayModelHS-001HS-002HS-003HS-004HS-005Main cabinet specifications(mm)1000*550800*5501000*520800*5201200*520colorWhite and GoldivoryivoryivoryivoryProduct features:1、Texture of material:The PVC material price is very high, do with it out of the bathroom cabinet is very delicate, a good waterproof performance, high hardness, not only practical, and long service life, scratch resistant, high density, easy processing, the general design of the bathroom cabinet styles very novel, can be recycled material, so PVC bathroom cabinet is very environmentally friendly bathroom cabinet 2、Ceramic basin: high mechanical strength, abrasion resistance, good corrosion resistance; good thermal stability; rich in raw materials, low prices; product environmental protection, no pollution. Water absorption rate is almost zero, surface glaze hourun, not easy to use for a long time the surface of sanitary sewage infiltration, easy to take care of..3、Lens:pure image, high reflectivity, good color and color, the image of a beautiful natural, even in the humid environment is durable, no distortion of the advantages of deformation.4、Packing: on the outer surface of the cabinet body is bubble protective film, carton protection, have reinforced wooden, product protection, avoid long-distance transport of damage to the product.Product instruction:1、Lens maintenance:When the lens of the bathroom cabinet appears water stain, use soft cloth and neutral detergent.2、Bathroom cabinet table, ceramic basin maintenance:When in use, do not be hard material carved, the use of a neutral detergent cleaning cloth Scrub.3、Bathroom cabinet maintenance:(1) keep the bathroom between the air circulation, prevent water long time left in the cupboard, try to ensure the drying cabinet.(2)Bathroom cabinet copper part of the surface dust, dirt, use a soft cloth dipped in soap, weak alkalinity and clean water, do not use a dry cloth to wipe, never use abrasive cleaning agents, hard cloth, paper towels or wire ball.After-sale service:If you encounter any problem in the process of receiving, installation, we can at any time to provide professional guidance, if, after receipt of the goods found quality problems (non-human, non use) need to exchange goods, confirmed, we accept returns, and is responsible for related expenses.

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