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Single Axial Compression Force Sensor

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Piezoelectric Force Sensor The CL-YD -series Piezoelectric Force Transducers relies on the piezoelectric principle exhibited by quartz. Under load, quartz crystals produce an electric charge proportional to the mechanical load applied: the higher the load, the higher the charge. Thus, in piezoelectric force transducers, quartz serves as both the spring element and the measurement transducer. Added IEPE circuit, outputs the voltage signal directly.Specifications on single axial force sensor      ModelSensitivityLinear RangeResonant FrequencyOperating TemperatureWeightDimensionsNon-LinearityOver loadCL-YD-~pC/NkNkHz°CGrammm30140 - 5>70-40-+15011Φ16×8<1%F.S.1200240 - 5>50-40-+15056Φ25×27<1%F.S.1200340 - 2>55-40-+15016Φ16×20<1%F.S.1200540 - 60>55-40-+15034Φ26×Φ8×12<1%F.S.1201140-30>40-40-+15030Φ26×Φ10×12<1%F.S.1201240-5>50-40-+15022Φ18×Φ6×9<1%F.S.1202040-200>50-40-+150214Φ55×Φ22×17<1%F.S.1206020-600>15-40-+150830Φ95× Φ40×22<1%F.S.120%Welcome OEM & ODM

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