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Single Impeller Agitation Tank

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Product Description
Jinfeng Gold Mining Machinery is one of the best single impeller agitation tank manufacturers in China, equipped with good factory, welcome to wholesale single impeller agitation tank made in China from us.Product FeaturesThis product is the most commonly used ordinary agitating tank at present. The impeller is located at the bottom opening of the cycling cylinder, taking the ore pulp and chemical reagent into the cycling cylinder with a suction orifice for agitating. The new impeller  designed through experiments is different from the original agitating tank I and II, with high agitating efficiency.Notes for selectionWe can make rubber and nylon impeller as required by the customer. Please specify the type while placing your order.We can arrange the relative positions of motor, feeding opening and discharging opening as required by the customer. Generally, relevant parts are assembled at the time of on-site installation.There are two types of RJ agitating tank: cone base and flat base. Please specify it if a cone base type is demanded.Technical parameter list of  single impeller agitating tankModel(mm)Internal size of trough(m³)EffectivevolumeStirrerMotor(mm)Dimension(kg)Weight(mm)diameter(r/min)SpeedModel(kw)PowerLengthHeightdiameterHeighRJ055005000.078150690Y80M2-40.75720874110RJ077507500.26240530Y90L-41.59391241228RJ10100010000.58240530Y90L-41.510801665350RJ12120012001.14400320Y132S-4315401858765RJ15150015002.2400320Y132S-43169021711360RJ20200020005.5550230Y132M2-45.5238130461655RJ252500250011625230Y160M-47.5288135462766RJ303000300019.1900210Y225S-818.5326643254296

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