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Single Input Type Intelligent Temperature Controller 7000

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XMT*7000 Series intelligent temperature controllerⅠ、Product characteristic:The core of the product adopts the up-to-date microprocessor chip.Red and green double-bank nixie tube display the measured value and setting value.Easy operation in the four/three keys, & fast setting in the parameter.Control in high precision’s PID intelligent and two or three bit location check program.Upper-bank display the measured value, & bottom-bank display the setting value under normal working conditions.Ⅱ、Primary technical standard:Input: Thermocouple: K、E、J、SThermal resistance: PT100 、 CU50Range: K(0~400℃、0~1300℃)、E(0~400℃、0~800℃)、J(0~1000℃)、            S(0~1600℃)、PT100(-100.0~200.0℃、0~600℃)、CU50(-50.0~150.0℃)Measure error: ±0.5%F.S±1byteSilicon control trigger signal(over zero): Range≥3V, Width≥40usThe output contact potential of the relay: impedance load AC220V  5AInput power: AC85~242V   50/60HzEnvironment:  Temperature: 0 to 50℃,  Humidity: ≤85%RHSize: XMT:160×80×125mm  hole:152×76;  XMTA:96×96×85mm  hole: 92×92;         XMTE:48×96×85mm   hole: 44×92;  XMTF:96×48×85mm   hole: 92×44;        XMTD:72×72×85mm   hole: 68×68;  XMTG:48×48×110mm   hole: 44×44;  Ⅲ、Name and functions of the sections(consult)      (1)PV displayIndicates the process variable (PV) with a red LED.(2)SV displayIndicates the setting value (SV) with a green LED.(3)AT indicatorWhen auto tuning function is ON, a green LED lights.(4)ALM1 indicatorWhen ALM1 output is ON, a red LED lights.(5)ALM2 indicatorWhen ALM2 output is ON, a red LED lights.(6)OUT indicatorWhen OUT is ON, a green LED lights.(7)Mode key (SET)Switches the setting mode and registers the setting value and selected value.(Setting value and selected value are registered by pressing the mode key.)(8)Data shift key (

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