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Single Size Thread Repair Kit

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Thread Repair Kits are used for repairing tapped holes which have been stripped or damaged due to wear, corrosion and overtorque, as well as for strengthening internal screw threads in metals, plastics, and other materials. They contain all the necessary tools to repair stripped, worn, or damaged threads. After installation, the insert restores the damaged threads to a permanent, better-than-original condition quickly and easily, saving costs as well as preventing production delays in the process. Consisting of a range of sizes, each thread repair kit comes with a installation mandrel (spanner), finishing tap, drill bit, tang break-off tool and a number of thread inserts for each size. Thread repair kit is effectively the most economical kit should you require tools for a range of many different sizes. A quantity of thread inserts, the appropriate size drill, high speed steel tap, installation tool spanner, a tang break tool in the kit. 1)prevent costly machine downtime range kits 2)a multiple size kit format  3)are widely used in maintenance workshops  thread repair kit Description: Professional Quality Tool Ideal for restoring damaged threads, suitable for engine repair and other automotive applications. Suitable for M4-M16 Creates a stronger internal thread in soft metals. Protects tapped threads against wear and damage. Set Includes: 110 Wired Thread Inserts: (25 wire thread inserts M5 X 0.8 X 6.7mm 25 wire thread inserts M6 X 1.0 X 8mm 25 wire thread inserts M8 X 1.25 X 10.8mm 25 wire thread inserts M10 X 1.5 X 13.5mm 10 wire thread inserts M12 X 1.75 X 16.3mm) 1pc installation tools 1pc Break Pin Tools 1pc Twist Drills 1pc Hex Key 1pc Taps Package included: 1 X Thread Repair Kit Thread repair kit function: 1. It is used for the installation of the thread insert.  2. It is the basic principle that the thread insert is guided firstly to force the outside diameter shrinkage to pack it into the bottom hole smoothly.  3.thread repair kits help prevent costly machine downtime Range Kits, a multiple size kit format, are widely used in maintenance workshop. Installation Process:  1.Drill out damaged thread using correctly sized drill-bit(supplied) 2.Tap re-drilled hole using tap supplied 3.Load coiled insert into applicator 4.Screw coil into casting 5.Using lug breaking tool,break off tang on insert 6.Thread is repaired and ready to use CUTHARS Article Number HSS Helical Tap HSS Twist Drill Insertion Tool Break-off Tang Inserts CL005 M5*0.8 5.2mm NO.5 NO.5 25 CL006 M6*1 6.2mm NO.6 NO.6 25 CL008 M8*1.25 8.3mm NO.8 NO.8 25 CL010 M10*1.5 10.3mm NO.10 NO.10 25 CL012 M12*1.75 12.4mm NO.12 NO.12 10 CL014 M14*2.0 14.4mm NO.14 NO.14 10 CL014G1 M14*1.25 NO.14 NO.14 10 CL014G2 M14*1.5 NO.14 NO.14 10 CL001C 10-24UNC 5.2mm NO.8 NO.8 25 CL002C 12-24UNC 5.8mm NO.8 NO.8 25 CL003C 1/4-20UNC 6.7mm NO.9 NO.9 25 CL004C 5/16-18UNC 8.3mm NO.10 NO.10 25 CL005C 3/8-16UNC 9.9mm NO.12 NO.12 15 CL006C 7/16-14UNC 11.6mm NO.14 NO.14 10 CL007C 1/2-13UNC 13.0mm NO.15 NO.15 10 CL001F 10-32UNF 5.1mm NO.8 NO.8 25 CL002F 1/4-28UNF 6.7mm NO.9 NO.9 25 CL003F 5/16-24UNF 8.3mm NO.11 NO.11 25 CL004F 3/8-24UNF 9.8mm NO.13 NO.13 15 CL005F 7/16-20UNF 11.5mm NO.14 NO.14 10 CL006F 1/2-20UNF 13.0mm NO.15 NO.15 10

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