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Sirona Siro Laser Blue Dental Diode Laser - Vurifirindo.com

Sirona Siro Laser Blue Dental Diode Laser

Product Description

Sirona SIRO Laser Blue Dental Diode Laser

Diode Lasers – Variety for your practice.

Dental diode lasers deliver clear benefits over conventional methods of treatment with mostly scar free wound healing and improved germ reduction. For patients, the use of lasers means less post-operative pain and therefore less need for medication. Not only that, but your practice benefits too, because satisfied patients are the best way to ensure success.

Benefits at a glance

- For you and your patients: better wound healing, effective germ reduction, clear preparation limits for impressions and imaging
- For your patients: less post-operative pain, fewer painkillers, no antibiotics
- For you: satisfied patients are the best reference for your practice, incredibly simple operation, ready to use at any time

The compact SIROLaser Blue is the first dental diode laser to have a blue, an infrared, and a red diode. This enables it to cover a range of 21 indications – and therefore virtually infinite possibilities for application in your practice routine.

- Improved bacterial reduction
- Less post-operative pain
- Scar-free wound healing

Laser therapy means state-of-the-art dentistry and modern patient care all in one. Due to the number of advantages, a dental laser should now be a standard feature of a modern dental practice.

Expand your treatment range with many pain-free alternatives and achieve better results, stress-free. Quick and successful use is provided by the intuitively operating lasers SIROLaser Advance and SIROLaser Xtend. Sirona diode lasers - everything but stress.

- Touchscreen with intelligent menu navigation
- Preset therapy programs
- Individual user profiles with personalized access codes
- Light-touch finger switch for total ease of use

Package Includes:

- SIRO Laser Blue incl. stainless steel handpiece with integrated finger switch
- Additional handpiece sleeve for alternating operation
- Set of disposable fiber tips: 2 x EasyTip 320 µm, 2 x EasyTip 200 µm, 2 x EasyTip Endo
- Combination flexing tool
- Fiber cutter
- 3 laser safety goggles (for dentist, dental assistant, and patient)

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Company Info

Contact Person:
Dian Permana


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