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Sla Lead Acid Electric Scooter Battery

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Chaowei Energy & Power Co.,Ltd is one of the leading sla lead acid electric scooter battery manufacturers in China, equipped with one of the famous brands, welcome to buy discount sla lead acid electric scooter battery, and you are also welcomed to check the price and quotation with our factory.6-EVF-70T                                      12V 70Ah(3hr) VRLA GEL BATTERYChilwee EVF Series VRLA Gel Battery is specially designed for electric vehicles, i.e. electric automobiles, electric road vehicles, golf cart, low speed electric cart,etc. and other devices require DC power source. The EVF Series adopts international leading technologies to ensure the batteries with features of long cycle life, large current discharge capability, high reliability and safety, and environmental-friendly.FEATURESExtra Long Life: Chilwee EVF Series are designed with high quality grid alloy enables the grid with features of anti-corrosion, low gas emission and excellent deep cycle performance, as well as hign density and special deep cycle lead paste prescription is adopted to ensure extra long cycle life. The cycle life may reach 600+ cycles @ 80% DOD.High Capacity and High Energy Density: Chilwee EVF Series are designed with adequate active material and higher electrolyte density to increase the battery's capacity within certain dimension and weight, so as to keep the battery with high energy density to be compatible with most of the electric vehicle without providing extra space to install batteries.High Reliability and Safety: High strength ABS battery container and lid, perfect safety valve design, and high strength & excellent large current electroconductivity copper terminal design are adopted to ensure the Chilwee EVF Series with high reliability and safety at extreme condition.High Environmental Adaptability: Chilwee EVF Series adopts special fumed silica Gel in electrolyte and special Gel type separator to prevent electrolyte sratification. This can significantly improve the battery's service life and environmental adptability.Non-Cadmium Design, Environment-friendly: Chilwee Battery has adopted internationally leading technology - container formation non-cadmium production technology, which is in the leading position in the industry. It helps to save energy 28.5%, save water 90%, and non-discharge of waste water.SPECIFICATIONNominal Voltage (V)12VOpen Circuit Voltage (V/Block)12.8V - 13.4VNumber of Cells (Per Block)6 CellsRated Capacity        (Ah, 25℃)2h rate (to 1.75V/Cell)62Ah3h rate (to 1.75V/Cell)70Ah5h rate (to 1.80V/Cell)75Ah10h rate (to 1.85V/Cell)90Ah20h rate (to 1.85V/Cell)95AhNominal Weight (Kgs)Approx. 26KgsDimension (L X W X H, Total Height. mm)(326mm±3) X (167mm±3) X (166mm±3), (169mm±3)Container MaterialEnhanced ABSCharge VoltageFloat (V/Block)13.80VCycle (V/Block)14.65V - 14.75VMaximum Discharge Current (A)350A (5s)Maximum Charge Current (A)12ADIMENSIONTECHNICAL CURVESCHARGE CURVE & METHODCharge Curve for 6-EVF-70T (for Single Cell)Charge Method1. Pre-charge Stage: When the battery is connected to the charger, the charger shall detect the voltage of the battery. For the battery's voltage at between V1-V2 or the battery pack is pre-charged at a current betweent I0-I1. When the battery's voltage reaches V2 or the charge time reaches S1, the charge enters into next stage. Parameters refer to Table 1, Appendix.        2. Constant Current Charge Stage: Charge current is I2; When the charge voltage reaches V3 or the charge time reaches S2, the charge enters into next stage. Parameters refer to Table 2, Appendix.        3. Constant Current Charge Stage: Charge current is I3; When the maximum voltage reaches V4 or the charge time reaches S3, the charge enters into next stage.Parameters refer to Table 3, Appendix.        4. Constant Voltage Limited Current Charge Stage: The constant charge voltage is V4, limited current is I4.When the charge current drops to the lower limit value of I4 as Table 4 shown, or the charge time reaches S4, the charge enters into next stage. Parameters refer to Table 4, Appendix.        5. Trickle Charge Stage: When the charge time S2 is less than 3 hours, trickle charge is not activated. Otherwise the limited voltage is V5 the constant current is I5 or the charge time reaches S5,the charge enters into next stage.Parameters refer to Table 5, Appendix.        6. Float Charge Stage: Constant voltage is V6, limited current is I6.The charger shall be cut off while the charge time is within 4 hours.Parameters refer to Table 6, Appendix.Detailed Charging Parameters please refer to "APPENDIX II: CHARGE PARAMETERS FOR EVF SERIES"* All the data and technical curves are for customer's reference only. This information is subject to change without any prior notice.APPENDIX II: CHARGE PARAMETERS FOR EVF SERIESTable 1 - Parameters for Pre-charge StageBattery ModelVoltage Range: V1 - V2        (V per Block)Constant Current: I0~I1        (A)Pre-Charge Time: S1        (h)Temperature Compensation        (V/℃)3-EVF-180A3.0V - 6.0V3.1A - 18.0A≤ 0.5h3-EVF-200A / 3-EVF-200T4-EVF-150A/4-EVF-1504.0V - 8.0V2.2A - 14.0A6-EVF-606.0V - 12.0V2.0A - 6.0A6-EVF-70T6.0V - 12.0V2.0A - 7.0A6-EVF-806.0V - 12.0V2.0A - 8.0A6-EVF-100A / 6-EVF-100T6.0V - 12.0V2.5A - 10.0A6-EVF-110T6.0V - 12.0V2.5A - 11.0A6-EVF-1206.0V - 12.0V2.5A - 12.0A6-EVF-150A / 6-EVF-150T6.0V - 12.0V2.5A - 15.0ATable 2 - Parameters for Constant Current Charge StageBattery ModelVoltage Range: V3        (V per Block)Constant Current: I2        (A)Charge Time: S2        (h)Temperature Compensation        (V/℃)3-EVF-180A7.2V30.0A≤ 6h-0.0123-EVF-200A / 3-EVF-200T4-EVF-150A/4-EVF-1509.6V25.0A-0.0166-EVF-6014.4V10.0A-0.0246-EVF-70T14.4V12.0A-0.0246-EVF-8014.4V14.0A-0.0246-EVF-100A / 6-EVF-100T14.4V15.0A-0.0246-EVF-110T14.4V20.0A-0.0246-EVF-12014.4V20.0A-0.0246-EVF-150A / 6-EVF-150T14.4V25.0A-0.024Table 3 - Parameters for Constant Current Charge StageBattery ModelVoltage Range: V4        (V per Block)Constant Current: I3        (A)Charge Time: S3        (h)Temperature Compensation        (V/℃)3-EVF-180A7.35V30.0A≤ 2h-0.0123-EVF-200A / 3-EVF-200T4-EVF-150A/4-EVF-1509.80V25.0A-0.0166-EVF-6014.70V10.0A-0.0246-EVF-70T14.70V12.0A-0.0246-EVF-8014.70V14.0A-0.0246-EVF-100A / 6-EVF-100T14.70V15.0A-0.0246-EVF-110T14.70V20.0A-0.0246-EVF-12014.70V20.0A-0.0246-EVF-150A / 6-EVF-150T14.70V25.0A-0.024Table 4 - Parameters for Constant Voltage Limited Current Charge StageBattery ModelVoltage Range: V4        (V per Block)Limited Current: I4        (A)Charge Time: S4        (h)Temperature Compensation        (V/℃)3-EVF-180A7.35V10.0A - 3.2A≤ 2h-0.0123-EVF-200A / 3-EVF-200T7.35V10.0A - 3.6A-0.0124-EVF-150A/4-EVF-1509.80V7.5A - 2.7A-0.0166-EVF-6014.70V3.0A - 1.1A-0.0246-EVF-70T14.70V3.5A - 1.3A-0.0246-EVF-8014.70V4.0A - 1.5A-0.0246-EVF-100A / 6-EVF-100T14.70V5.0A - 1.8A-0.0246-EVF-110T14.70V6.0A - 2.0A-0.0246-EVF-12014.70V6.0A - 2.2A-0.0246-EVF-150A / 6-EVF-150T14.70V7.5A - 2.7A-0.024Table 5 - Parameters for Trickle Charge StageBattery ModelVoltage Range: V5        (V per Block)Limited Current: I5        (A)Charge Time: S5        (h)Temperature Compensation        (V/℃)3-EVF-180A8.01V1.8A≤ 2h-0.0123-EVF-200A / 3-EVF-200T8.01V2.0A-0.0124-EVF-150A/4-EVF-15010.68V1.5A-0.0166-EVF-6016.02V0.6A-0.0246-EVF-70T16.02V0.7A-0.0246-EVF-8016.02V0.8A-0.0246-EVF-100A / 6-EVF-100T16.02V1.0A-0.0246-EVF-110T16.02V1.1A-0.0246-EVF-12016.02V1.2A-0.0246-EVF-150A / 6-EVF-150T16.02V1.5A-0.024Table 6 - Parameters for Float Charge StageBattery ModelVoltage Range: V6        (V per Block)Limited Current: I6        (A)Charge Time: S6        (h)Temperature Compensation        (V/℃)3-EVF-180A6.9V1.8A≤ 4h-0.0123-EVF-200A / 3-EVF-200T6.9V2.0A-0.0124-EVF-150A/4-EVF-1509.2V1.5A-0.0166-EVF-6013.8V0.6A-0.0246-EVF-70T13.8V0.7A-0.0246-EVF-8013.8V0.8A-0.0246-EVF-100A / 6-EVF-100T13.8V1.0A-0.0246-EVF-110T13.8V1.1A-0.0246-EVF-12013.8V1.2A-0.0246-EVF-150A / 6-EVF-150T13.8V1.5A-0.024Packaging shippingPaper carton for per bank battery, Then stripped with  plstic pallet.7-10 DaysOur ServicesChilwee products have already been distributed in all over world, and local service facilities are being deployed in each region. Chilwee is committed to provide complete services including technology training, warranty replacement service, fault analysis trouble-shooting, battery maintenance service and battery disposal service, etc.Company Information

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