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Slag Heating Furnace

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Smelting categories: Resistance smeltingProduction: 3t/hourPower consumption: noDetailed description:1.The usage of equipment:This equipment is mainly used to receive the slag from electric furnace to heat and keep warm, conveying to the mechanism of centrifugal cotton, whereas there is a slag hole, for the use of a mineral wool machine, and the ability of slag notch is 3t/hour, 80% yield and annual output can be reached to 15000-20000 tons.This furnace has a taphole, which is used for tapping the other irons.There is a thermometer hole on the furnace hole which is used for fast thermocouple temperature measurement.2.Main technical parameters:   Furnace capacity                       30t    Transformer                          HKSSP-3200/35  (overload 20%)   The secondary voltage                  160~290V   The secondary current                  6359A                                The diameter of furnace shell            Φ5300   The electrode diameter                 350mm                              Electrode trip                        2200mm                             The outer diameter of the furnace shell     5300mm                             The height of furnace shell               2500mm                            The chamber size                       Φ3340mm                          The depth of the chamber                1200mm                             Electrode section heart round size         Φ1400mm                           Circulating water consumption             200t/h3.Summary of the equipmentThis equipment is designed and manufactured based on GBl0067.1-4 The Elementary Technological Conditions of Electric Heating Equipment The main techniques adopted by this equipment are:Fully enclosed structure design;Tube type water cooling furnace cover:Energy-saving short-net;Hydraulic lift conductive copper - steel composite beam;In large cross-section water-cooled cables;PLC automatic control system;

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