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Sleeve Type Drain Valve

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Shaanxi Rongle Petroleum Machinery Co.,Ltd is one of the best China sleeve type drain valve manufacturers and suppliers, and also a professional company and factory, welcome to import quality sleeve type drain valve products from us.Specifications     1.Halliburton type, all could change with Halliburton parts.      2.Drain Valve all parts are H2S&Acid service.      The drain valve consists of a ported body, sliding sleeve, and rotatt, which controls the position of the sliding sleeve. The sleeve either covers or exposes the ports in the body of the valve. The drain valve is suitable for sour service at all temperatures. A drain collar and associated components are required when relieving pressure.Nominal SizeODin.(cm) IDin.(cm) ThreadConnection Lengthin.(cm) Tensile Rating**Ib(kg) Working Pressure***psi(bar)3.001.00(2.54)1.00(2.54)  2 1/4 CAS  42.00(106.68) 81,000(36742) 15,000(1034)3 7/82.00(5.08)  2.00(5.08)    2 7/8 CAS 30.13(76.53) 160,000(72576) 15,000(1034)5.00(SG)2.28(5.79)2.28(5.79)    3 7/8CAS 41.28(104.85) 247,000(112039)  15,000(1034)7.00 3.50(8.89)3.50(8.89) 5 1/4 CAS 52.20(132.59) 751,462(340863)  15,000(1034)

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