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Slitting Machine Production Line

PRICE: 61500 USD
Product Description

1. The production process:
Raw material (strip) →feeding→Cutting and Welding →Horizontal Spiral Accumulator → Forming, HF welding, Deburring, Cooling, Sizing, Straightening →STD Cold-cutting saw →Transmitting → Packing → Storage         
2. Adapt materials: 
Hot rolled or cold rolled steel strip   
Material: Low carbon steel and low alloy constructional steel   
δs≤345Mpa  δb≤610Mpa
3. Processing steel pipe size range:
(1) Processing range: Round pipe Φ20-Φ32mm.  
     Square&Rectangular pipe  10x10—25x25                
(2) Thickness of Round pipe: 0.5-1.5mm   
     Thickness of Square&Rectangular pipe: 0.5-1.0mm
4. Installed capacity: 200KVA
5. Water consumption: 20m3/h
6. Solid-state high-frequency Welder: 100KW
7. Workshop Request: length, width and height  30-50m X 12m X 5m
8. Forming speed: 80-120m/min  
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