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Slow Speed Granulators

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Product Description
1.Screenless design with least dust and uniform granules.2.Adopted Taiwanese brand gear reducer with higher torque and long service life.3.Can process coarse and small materials simultaneously.4.Gear reducer and shaft are connected by coupling for smooth operation, low noise5.Hopper and machine structure are easy to access and clean. 6.Consisted of main power isolator for safety.7.Equipped with cycle timer, it can automatically start and stop working to save power.8.Hopper is standard configuration.OPTIONAL CONFIGURATION◆Material storage trolley◆Robot arm feeding port◆RFC-0.75HP cyclone system for proportionally mixing the virgin and regrind materials   ModelCrushing Chamber(mm)Crushing Ability (kg/h)Revolution(r/min)PowerPowerDimension    (cm)  L×W×HNet Weight(kg)kWHPkWHPWSGO280-2HP280×30015-30241.52//111×54×131360WSGO380-3HP380×30025-50242.23//129×54×143460WSGO280-2HP + RFC-0.75HP280×30015-30241.520.550.75104×54×131375WSGO380-3HP + RFC-0.75HP380×30025-50242.230.550.75122×54×143475Note: The standard height of hopper matches with manual feeding, while the height needs to increase by 20cm to match with robot arm.We reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice.

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