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Sm40 Silo Making Machine

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Shanghai Silo Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd is one of the leading sm40 silo making machine manufacturers and suppliers in China,Website:, welcome to buy customized bulk sm40 silo rolling machine, SM40 silo making machine made in China from our factory. The spiral steel silo equipments made by Shanghai silo machinery equipment Co. Ltd. are with advanced technology and reasonable structure,applicable to the following material: Galvanized steel, nickel plated steel plate, stainless steel plate, aluminum alloy board, composite panels, ordinary black plate, plastic coated metal plate. The set of equipment includes the following several parts: A. Forming machine: the material bending and the preliminary processing forming surface, but at the same time, material bending into required silo diameter round. B.Bending machine: will cooperate with prepared material bending, seaming and rolling together, and at the same time spiral into a barrel. C.Decoiling machine: to spread the coil strip on it. D.Bearing supports: can give the right diameter of silo, lift up the silo body affixed it,bear spiral rising silo body. Technical specifications are as follows: SM40 spiral steel silo equipment Steel strip thickness:2-4mm Useful width:for 495mm steel strip,about 350mm-370mm Diameter range:6-22m Feed speed:3-5m/min

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