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Small Gantry Coordinate Measuring Machine

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As one of the leading China manufacturers and suppliers of high precision small gantry coordinate measuring machine, small gantry cmms, small gantry measuring machine, small gantry meausirng equipment, small measuirng machine, unilateral cmm, it is here waiting for your contact.SMALL GANTRY CMMProduct Overview:Provide excellent dynamic performance and overweight work-piece measurement solution, a variety of configuration to meet the demand of different work-piece measurement, provide scanning and contact measurement, complete the high efficiency, high precision application of large work-piece detection.Parameters:TypeTitan 153012Titan 184014Titan 203015Measuring Range(mm)1500×3000×12001800×4000×14002000×3000×1500MPEe(um)3.2+3.3L/10003.5+3.3L/10004.1+3.3L/1000Features:High efficiency and high precision design to provide powerful guarantee for the rapid detection of large work-piece.Good mechanical structure, provides the high precision and reliability of the large work-piece inspection.The bearing capacity of oversize and overweight measurement space, to satisfy the measurement requirement of large work-piece.Diversified configuration scheme and multi-function measurement capability to provide users with various choices.Technology:Adopt international advanced Finite Element Method (FEM, the Finite Element Method) design, using the mathematical Method of approximate to carry out simulation of real physical model under various working conditions, makes the model error to the minimum and generate stable solution by optimizing the parameters and the design scheme. Overall mechanical use floor type gantry structure, the structure of the overall layout with a more open measurement space, provides effective measurement solution for large size, heavy work-piece. Optional high precision worktable, providing the workbench according to the requirements of different customers to provide the perfect solution for locating demand of big light measurement requirements more convenient. Three axis adopt high quality granite, precision grinding and load-bearing after artificial aging, guarantee the accuracy of the three axis guide has reached 000 level Three axes adopt quiescent air pressure air-bearing guide way, comprised of air bearings which are self-cleaning, pre-loading and high precision. Adopted with temperature compensation system, decorate a temperature sensor in each axis, as well as in the work-piece and measurement space layout has a temperature sensor, acquisition of real-time measuring process by temperature compensation.   Three axis driving system adopts the unique patented technology, makes the movement system follow error smaller and system response speed faster, and greatly improves the dynamic performance of large measuring equipment, reduces the movement inertia effects on measurement accuracy. CMM joined the protection system, including the fall protection of Z axis, measuring head collision warning system and real-time monitoring and control system, which greatly improve the safety practicability of the big CMM.Optional accessories system:Contact measuring probePH10M/PH10MQ +SP25Motorized indexing probe headPH20Five-axis linkage probe headSP80Scanning probe headREVOHigh speed, high accuracy five-axis scanning probe head

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