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Small Hydraulic Oil Cylinder

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1.Hydraulic cylinders can be used for tractors, harvesters, tractor loaders and other agriculture machineries.These cylinders have single stage and multi stage.Following are materials, customer could provide us drawing, sample or main parameters, then our engineer team can design it for you.Material :Piston: high quality nodular iron or 45# steelTube: 20# - 45# steelPiston rod: chrome plated 45# steel or 40GrCylinder cap: high quality nodular iron or 45# steelCylinder base: 20# - 35# steelSeal ring: famous Chinese brand or imported oversea brand2.Our hydraulic cylinders used for engineering machineries include standard and OEM cylinders. Standard cylinder has TG,TSG,TMG,HSG and so on, these standard hydraulic cylinders can be used for mining machinery, hoisting and conveying machinery, metallurgical machinery and other engineering machinery.Many of hydraulic cylinders for engineering machinery also can be customized as per customer’s drawing, the surface treatment will meet customer’s special request.3.Our company can produce hydraulic cylinder used for log splitter, we only need its drawing or main parameters to design and produce it for you.4.Multi stage hydraulic cylinder has a long stroke, it can also has a big lifting force. The stages could be chosen.The multi stage hydraulic cylinder could be single acting or double acting. Piston rod material is chrome plated 45# steel or 40Gr. Tube Material is steel 20# - 45#. Surface treatment can be made as per customer’s request. Multi stage hydraulic cylinders can be used for engineering and mining dump trucks.5.Some mining machinery hydraulic cylinders are standard, when producing we only need its model number. If customers have special request or they need to do some changes, our engineer also can design as per customers’ need.These hydraulic cylinders include single acting and double acting, customers can choose according to their request.  6.Tie rod hydraulic cylinders’ characteristics are compact structure, light weight, easy installation, easy assembly and disassembly, accessories and maintenance are also convenient.These cylinders are mainly used for machine tool, woodworking machinery, rubber machinery, steel equipment, injection molding machine, die casting machine, ocean machine or equipment.7.Our company could make many other type hydraulic cylinders according to customer’s special need, for example hydraulic jack, fitness equipment cylinder, food machinery cylinder.

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