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Small Portable Air Autoclave Sterilizer

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Small portable air Laboratory Autoclave sterilizerWR-MThe small portable air Laboratory Autoclave stericlean is an electric device with an 12/16/18/23L chamber capacity used for steam sterilizing laboratory equipment, and a footprint designed for fitting on laboratory bench tops. The autoclave digitally displays two selectable temperatures (either 121 or 134 degrees C) and a selection of preset sterilization programs, including an unwrapped, wrapped, liquid, or dry cycle. The autoclave features two trays for maximizing space in the chamber by holding instruments, liquids, laboratory equipment and other items to be sterilized. The maximum pressure and load weight depend on the object being sterilized. The BioClave mini benchtop autoclave is commonly used in laboratories where there is minimal space because the device has a small footprint in comparison to larger autoclavesAutoclaves are ovens that sterilize laboratory instruments and can kill bacteria, viruses or both. They are often used in laboratories to sterilize lab equipment, media and liquids, and can be designed to meet different health, safety, and environmental standards.

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