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Small Portable Air Compressor

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MXC-Small portable air compressorSmall portable air compressor is a small portable device specialized in oil, petrochemical industry, firefighting, diving, mining, military, sports, national defense, pharmaceuticals, shipyards, marine engineering, electricity, gas, precise instruments and other fields gas. Gas displacement is100 --- 300L/min, and working pressure is up to 35Mpa. Models are divided into portable, stretcher, mobile and so on. Small portable air compressor is characterized as compact design, stable operation, durability, easy maintenance,portability and so on. Its working principle is to compress air stage by stage in nature, eventually it is compressed  into pressure of 20mpa-30mpa (MPa) per square centimeter. Note: The amount of pressure can be adjusted.At the same time, product filtration system can filtrate and remove impurities and moisture in the air, which ensures the safety and purity of air from air compressors. The air meets the standards of breathing of human beings. Small portable air compressors are suitable for breathing, coal, military, naval, diving, marine, etc. They are widely used in national defense, military, sports, scientific research, industry and other fields. Item Weight34 poundsProduct Dimensions18.3 x 18 x 19 inchesStylestationaryPower Sourceelectric-poweredItem Package Quantity1Warranty Description1 Year Limited Warranty on Compressor Components

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