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Small-size Single Head Automatic Bush Hammering Machine

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Small-size Single Head Automatic Bush Hammering Machine

This machine is optimized and improved in all aspects based on the design of the semi-automatic bush-hammered surface processing machine. First, at the same time while the crossbeam is freely reciprocating between the left and right ends, the feeding mode of the heads has been changed from the original manual mode to automatic progressive mode by motor and program control, resulting in labor saving and high efficiency. Second, through the elevation of the heads improving from the original mode of manual screw rod to a free elevation in pneumatic type, this machine has been thoroughly automatized: the operation procedures and the amount of work have been reduced; most importantly, during the operation of the processing and especially in the case of the slab thickness is uneven at both ends, the heads can make the surface even under the effect the air pressure to effectively solve this problem, while that would be a step-like surface before this improvement and the heads position need to be adjusted by screw rod. Sof after this improvement, the quality and grade of the processed slabs will be greatly improved and the final surface after processing is well-balanced and good looking, natural and elegant.The launch of this machine has achieved automation, improved the product quality, increased productivity and reduced the processing cost. The productivity has been increased by 50%, and two operators can control two machines while each machine needed two operators before.This machine is a semi-automatic bridge type bush-hammered surface processing machine. Driven by the motor, the crossbeam automatically takes reciprocating movement above the work table. The motor is equipped with inverter so that the moving speed of the crossbeam can be adjusted conveniently. It is easy to operate this machine, and the productivity will be 100 square meter per 8 hours.

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