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Smart Differential Pressure Transmitter

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Welcome to purchase discount source smart differential pressure transmitter from our company, which is one of the best China smart differential pressure transmitter manufacturers and suppliers.Smart Differential Pressure TransmitterFMD630 smart differential pressure transmitter - This intelligent transmitter is a deformation product of PMD235 standard transmitter. It uses diffusion silicon pressure resistance differential pressure sensor.Product Code: 201458103153Main features:FMD630 intelligent differential pressure transmitter uses diffusion silicon pressure resistance differential pressure sensor. The process connection modes are flat flange connection and extension flat flange connection. It adopts welding the sealing isolated diaphragm structure and the medium resistant temperature of filling high temperature oil is 350 ℃.Application:Its general technical performance is basically the same as PMD235 and widely used for the differential pressure and liquid measurement of high temperature and strong corrosion medium. Measuring rangeMax measuring range: 0…1.6MpaMin measuring range: 0…1kPaSensor rated range and rated static pressureRange 10kPasingle action 14MPadouble action 14MPaRange 50kPasingle action 14MPadouble action 14MPaRange 0.3MPasingle action 14MPadouble action 14MPaRange 1.6MPasingle action 14MPadouble action 14MPa

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