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Introduction of SmCo MagnetSmCo(Samarium Cobalt) magnet is a kind of material made from rare earth metal samarium and cobalt, which features of high performance, low temperature coefficient, good temperature stability and strong corrosion resistance. When working above 180 degree centigrade, its maximum energy product BH and steady temperature are superior than NdFeB magnetic material. Due to its strong corrosion resistance, SmCo magnet need not to be coated since it is difficult to be eroded and oxidized.SmCo magnet is widely used in space probe, national defense and military, microwave appliance, communication, medical equipments, motors, instruments, various magnetism spreading devices, sensor, magnetic processor, magnetic lifter and so on.SmCo1:5 magnet is also named SmCo5, which is prorated with metallic samarium, cobalt and metallic praseodymium. The (BH) max range is from 16 to 25, maximum working temperature 250°C. The physical character and ductibility of SmCo5 is better than Sm2Co17, so SmCo5 is slightly easier to be machined with complex shapes and thin thickness of disc or ring, while Sm2Co17 is more brittle. Magnetization magnetic field of SmCo5 is lower compared with Sm2Co17. In general, SmCo5 can be magnetized saturated by 4000Gs magnetic field, however, magnetizing Sm2Co17 with high Hcj value need more than 6000Gs magnetic field. For some reasons, the price of SmCo5 is more expensive than Sm2Co17. According to different applications and using requirements, customer can choose SmCo5 or Sm2Co17 reasonably. .SmCo2:17 magnet (Sm2Co17) is mainly prorated with metallic samarium, cobalt, Copper, iron and zirconium. The (BH) max range is from 20 to 32, maximum working temperature 350°C. Sm2Co17 bears extremely low temperature coefficient and preferably anti-causticity. When working in high-temperature environment, magnetic properties of SmCo magnet is better than NdFeB magnet. Thus, SmCo magnets are widely used in fields such as aeronautics and space, national defense and sensors. Because of great brittleness of Sm2Co17 materials, it is not suitable for complex shapes and disc or ring with thin thickness. Also due to this character, there may be some appearance defects such as small chips during production, inspection and magnetizing process. However, magnetic property will not be affected.Production process

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