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Smd Common Mode Choke

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Providing with quality and standard customer-made electronic and passive components smd common mode choke and solution products, Fullstar Electronics is a leading smd common mode choke manufacturer and supplier in China. welcome to wholesale electronics surface - mount toroidal coil, surface- mount common moe choke, smd toroidal choke, smd toroidal common mode choke, surface- mount toroidal choke from our factory. SMD COMMON MODE CHOKEFeatures : SMD common-mode choke coilSurface mountCMC choke coilsCommon-mode filterToroidal common-mode inductorLow profile and small size SMDSuitable for reflow solderingRID common-mode choke coilsSmall-profile choke coilsFerrite core toroid choke coilsLarge-current choke coilsLow resistance choke coilsMPP/hi-flux/sendust/RF carbonyl/iron power core choke coilsFor excellent EMI suppressorLow DCR common modeHigh frequency and low loss common-modeHigh-energy storageInductance L1, L2 range: 100uH to 5,000uHRMS dielectric strength: 1,000VCurrent: 1.22 to 14.0APulse SMT common mode chokesTested at 100KHZ, 0.1 VRMSElectrical specifications at 25 °CIDC 2; base on temp.(at=30 °C )Tolerance: ± 20%Temperature rise: 45°C maximum at rated currentStorage temperature: -25 to +85°COperating temperature: -20 to +125°CResistance to solder heat: 260°C, 10 secondsFerrite core CMC toroid choke coilsIdeal for excellent EMI suppressorWith common mode filterDesigned for DC/DC convertersWide variety of inductor sizes and current ratings are availableCarrier tape packing used for SMTMagnetically shielded constructionSuitable for reflow SMT Craft soldering.Lead free products, RoHS compliant.Materials: Core: ferrite core Wire: 2-UEW Base: phenolic base Terminal: tinned-copper wire Adhesive: epoxy resin Applications: Electronics AppliancesDC-DC Conversion (Paraller Mode)Isolation/ Coupling (Transformer)Input Filter (Series Mode)EMI/RFI Suppression Desktops,Laptops,DSC and computer peripheralDC/DC converter.LCD displayTelecommunication EquipmentPower equipment /Digital products /Scanner..... Fullstar Type Series  FSCM0904 Series ,  FSCM0906 Series

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