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Smd Power Inductor

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Providing with quality and standard customer-made electronic and passive components smd power inductor and solution products, Fullstar Electronics is a leading smd power inductor manufacturer and supplier in China. welcome to wholesale electronics smd inductor, smd coil, smd choke, surface mount inductor, high-current surface mount inductor from our factory. SMD POWER INDUCTORFeatures : SMD power inductor - Inductance Range from 1.0uH to 2,200uH High-current Power inductor- Inductance Range from 1uH to 5600uHand Tinned Copper Flat Terminal   Silver surface plated power chip inductor High-current chip inductor Low-resistance chip inductor Small profile chip inductor SMD power choke coil SMD power inductor SMD common mode choke Low profile suitable for high current Inductance range: 10.0uH to 2,200.0uH ±20% SMD taping and reel package suitable for automatic SMD equipment assembly Materials: Core: ferrite DR/RI core Wire: enameled copper wire Base: LCP E4008 Terminal: tinned copper flat Adhesive: epoxy resin Storage temperature: -40 to +125-degree Celsius Operating temperature: -25 to +105-degree Celsius Rated current: base on temperature rise delta L/L0A= 10% maximum Temperature rise: 40-degree Celsius max Resistance to solder heat: 260-degree Celsius, 10 seconds Package :  Tape and Reel  Fullstar Type Series : PHS series , PIS Series, PRS Series    Remarks : Inductance test frequency: 100kHz/0.1V RoHS compliant Halogen free Suitable for large current. High reliability for automotive uses Electrical properties: Inductance test frequency: 100kHz/0.1V Isat base on L/LOA: 35% maximum Irms base on temperature rise: 40 degree Celsius maximum   Application :   DC/DC converters for Portable equipments (MP3 Mpeg4).AV equipments (DVCs .LCD TV .Digital cameras)  Mobile Computer (PDAs , Notebook) ,Small size communication,Equipments (Mobile phone) etc… VTR , OA Equipment ,   Camcorder , TV Game ,  LCD Television Set

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