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Smd Shielded Inductor

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Providing with quality and standard customer-made electronic and passive components smd shielded inductor and solution products, Fullstar Electronics is a leading smd shielded inductor manufacturer and supplier in China. welcome to wholesale electronics low profile smd inductor, low resistance smd power inductor, low dcr smd power inductor, high-current smd shielded inductor, magnetic shielded surface mount inductor from our factory. SMD SHIELDED INDUCTORFeatures : Low Profile SMD Power Chip Inductor with Low Resistance and 1 to 1,200uH InductanceLow DCR SMD power inductorLarge-current SMD power inductor SMD magnetically shield power inductorShielded SMD power chip inductorMagnetic shielded surface mount inductor with high current ratingLow profile and shielded very effective in space-conscious applicationsLow resistance to deep power loss minimum Temperature rise: 40 degree Celsius maximum Rated current: base on temperature rise and L/LOA: 15%maximumOperating temperature: -40 to 105°C (contain heating coil) Storage temperature: -40 to +125 degree CelsiusAppearance inspection: no external defect by visual inspectionTerminal strength: after soldering, between copper plate and terminals of coil, push in two directions of X, Y with standing as below conditionsTerminal should not peeled offHeat endurance of reflow soldering: 240Insulating resistance: over 100MΩ at 100V DC between wire and coreDielectric strength: no dielectric breakdown at 100V DC for one minute between wire and coreTemperature characteristic: inductance coefficient (0 to 2,000) x 10-6/(-25 to 80°C) inductance deviation within ±5.0%, after 96 hoursHumidity characteristic: in 90 to 95% relative humidity at 40 ± 2 and one hour drying under normal condition Inductance deviation within ±5.0% after vibration for one hourVibration resistance: in each of three orientations at sweep vibration (10/55/10Hz) with 1.5mmp-p amplitude Materials: Core: ferrite DR core or ferrite RI core Wire: enameled copper wire (class F) Adhesive: epoxy resin Terminal: Ag, Ni, and Sn   APPLICATIONS: DC/DC converters for Portable equipments (MP3 Mpeg4).AV equipments (DVCs .LCD TV .Digital cameras)  Mobile Computer (PDAs , Notebook) ,Small size communication,Equipments (Mobile phone) etc… VTR , OA Equipment ,   Camcorder , TV Game ,  LCD Television Set Package : Tape and Reel Fullstar Type Series : PIS-S series , SRHA Series , SRHB Series PRS-S Series

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