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Smt Pcb Circuit Boards, Pcb Surface Mount Manufacturing

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PCB Surface Mount Manufacturing  Comprehensive PCB Surface Mount Manufacturing Services MOKO is not only known as a qualified PCB manufacturing company; we are also well-known among clients for our PCB surface mount manufacturing capabilities. The MOKO PCB team has the requisite knowledge and experience in PCB manufacturing and assembling SMT designs. Our SMT PCB assembly services include:      BGA     uBGA     POP     PLCC     SOIC     QFP     QFN   Designed to your Requirements At MOKO, we utilize the latest in SMT technologies, which allows us to take on projects that require low, medium, and high production runs. Our team has the expertise to create single or double sided PCBs as well as multiple layers for advanced applications. We can easily perform all SMT production processes:    Screen printing   Pick and place   Reflow   Cleaning   Depaneling   Product and sub-product assembly   Testing    Packaging and shipping   We work with our clients to understand their requirements and accordingly create an SMT design. We also accept SMT designs from clients along with their specifications. We take special care in creating error free prototypes so that the manufacturing process gets completed within time and to the required expectations. We work with the aim of creating products that meets the requirements of Design for Manufacturability (DFM). We follow the reflow soldering system to achieve optimum placement of SMD components. This allows us to maintain control and get maximum output from the manufacturing process. Our products undergo rigorous testing and inspections. We utilize the best of x-ray and laser inspection equipment to ensure that all components are placed with the correct orientation. The x-ray inspections allow us to comprehensively check for any defects in vital components or soldering. It is only when the product has met all the parameters that we package and ship the product to the client. All these processes allow us to produce world class SMT PCBs for a variety of industrial applications.

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