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Sodium Butyrate

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Zhejiang Yaofi Bio-Tech. Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China sodium butyrate manufacturers and suppliers, and also a professional company and factory, welcome to buy and wholesale low price and superior quality sodium butyrate, sodium n-butyrate, sodium butanoate, butyric acid,sodium salt, tributyrin, butyrin, butyric acid from us, and check products benefits with us.1. Sodium butyrate is a compound with formula Na(C 3 H 7 COO). It is the sodium salt of butyric acid . It has various effects on cultured mammalian cells.Function:◆ It can provide energy for fast differentiated cells such as intestinal epithelial cells and activated lymphocyte, thus it can supply rapid and digestible energy sources to animal and its issue cells.◆ It can promote the proliferation of beneficial bacterium. And inhibit the growth of harmful bacterium group. ◆ It can increase the growth performance of weaned pig rapidly and survival rate through reducing weaning diarrhea and preventing weaned stress◆ Due to special odor, it increases daily feed intake, daily gain and feed conversion rate, thus it increases economic benefits for you.◆ It can strengthen the immunity of intestinal canal and keep the intestinal canal fit. ◆ It can increase the concentration of volatile fatty acids in intestinal canal and lower the pH value of gastrointestinal tract.◆ It has well synergy with antibiotics or zinc oxide, inhibits bacteria and promotes the growth.2.Main Types and SpecificationsAppearancewhite powder or granule;With special cheese, rancidity of fat smelly, soluble in water, moisture, pH>7Effective matter content, %≥99As, %≤0.0002Heavy metal (as Pb), %≤0.002Package20 kg/bag3.DosageAnimalpiglet(weaned )table poultry(0-21days)store pig(

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