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Soft Strap Monaural Transimtter-receiver Headset

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Equipped with productive soft strap monaural transimtter-receiver headset factory and company, Fenghuo Hongsheng is one of the leading China aircraft headset, flying headset manufacturers and suppliers. Welcome to contact us. Model OSDK-10 Soft Strap Monaural Transitter-receiver adopts the soft strap monaural structure. The product has functions of transmitting and receiving. It has the features of comfort wearing, convenient operation, stable performance. It can be equipped with radio sets and other communication equipments.  Main Technical Specifications:  Operating temperature: -40℃~+55℃  Reference dimensions: 170mm×150mm×20mm  Weight≤260g  Frequency range: 200Hz~4000Hz  Transmitting impedance: 150(1±15%)Ω (1000Hz) Transmitting sensitivity:(1±0.5)mV/Pa(1000Hz) S/N≥16dB Axial discrimination≥8dB(1000Hz)  Receiving impedance: 300(1±15%)Ω(1000Hz) Receiving sensitivity≥ 90dB/mW(1000Hz)  Threshold undamaged power: 100mW  Soft Strap Monaural Transmitter-receiver Headset Soft Strap Monaural Transmitter-receiver adopts the composite structure of soft strap and Transmitter-receiver. It is small in size, light in weight, and convenient to be equipped with the helmet. This product has higher environmental adaptability, and is the ideal audio terminal for communication equipment.  Main Technical Specifications: Frequency response range: 200Hz~4000Hz Transmitting sensitivity: (1±0.5) mV/Pa Transmitting impedance: 150(1±15%)Ω Receiving sensitivity: (93±3) dB/mW Receiving impedance: 8(1±15%)Ω Operating temperature: -40℃~+55℃ Reference dimensions: 130mm×90mm×30mm Weight ≤150g.

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