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Solar Backpack

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2FSK006 Solar Backpack Component  Advantages • Backpack is concise, durable, strong practicability.• Lightweight, Portable, Easy to use.• High efficiency, rapid charging, balancing technology.• Strong weatherability, wide range of application.Solar PanelPower of Solar PanelUSB OutputWeightSize of Solar PanelSize of BackpackFlexible Monocrystalline Silicon Solar Panel5W5V / 2.0A max160 g275mm*160mm*11mm500mm*350mm*150mmRemarks: Above charging time are subject to the standard test conditions(STC light Intensity 1000W/㎡, AM1.5, 25℃.)You can use this electrical charger to run electrical devices such as tablets, laptops, your GPS, and other gadgets. Our solar chargers are essential for outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping, and outdoors military training. So that even in absence of power support, there is electricity as long as there are sunshine and solar charger.

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