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Solar Charge Controller

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Solar light’s intellectual controller    1. SCM and special software are used to realize intellectual control. It makes use of specialty of accumulator’s discharge rate to discharge accurately. Final discharging voltage is that the correctional control point in the discharge rate curve eliminates simple inaccuracy and conforms to inherent characteristic. So different discharging rate has different final discharging voltage.2. It can automatically control overcharge,Website:, overfall, electronic circuit, overload protection and others. The above protection doesn’t damage any unit or burn fuse.3. The controller can underrun under full-power or half-power mode. According to customers’ requirements, it can realize arbitrary power within limits. Accumulator’s working time is increased to ensure that lights can still work normally under the condition of successive 5-6 rainy days.4. Tandem PWM main charging circuit is adopted. Compared with using diode to charge, it reduces the voltage loss of charge circuit by almost half. Charging efficiency of PMW is 3%-6% higher than others and it increases the time of using electricity. Automatic floating charge control prolong system’s life span.5. Combine hardware and software to ensure underrun under steady current and voltage. It prolongs load’s life span and ensures load’s working efficiency.6. All controllers adopt industrial chip, so they can work freely in cold and wet conditions. Crystal oscillation timing control is adopted and it can timing control accurately.Potentiometer’s set-point of adjustment and control is canceled. Flash storage is used to record all kinds of working set-point and makes setting digital. Potentiometer’s vibration offset and drift cause control point to appear error and reduce accuracy and reliability, however, these factors are eliminated.  We not only provide our standard products but also manufacture customized products according to your requirements.

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