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Solar Mirror

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Solar MirrorType: Extra Clear Low Iron Float Glass MirrorThickness: 2.0mm, 3.2mm, 4.0mm.Applications: CSP Heliostat                 Linear Fresnel collectors                 Parabolic Dishes●MIGO Solar Mirror is an extra clear high reflectivity float glass mirror perfectly suited for solar applications.●MIGO Solar Mirror has totally 7 coating layers on the back of glass (sensitive layer, super sensitive layer, silver layer, passivation layer, first solar paint protection, second paint protection, resistant UV paint protection).●MIGO Solar Mirrors are flat and planar mirrors, can be used for solar power tower mirror, solar dish mirror, or linear Fresnel collector mirror.●Solar mirrors are an intrinsic part of any Concentrating Solar Power technology. In all cases, high reflectivity and long durability are paramount.MAIN CHARACTERISTICSLight reflectivity3.2mm: up to 94      4.0mm: up to 93.6Mirror substrateUltra Clear Low Iron Float GlassThickness tolerance   ±0.2mmDimension tolerance           ±1.0mmSpecific weight (kg/m²)3.2mm: 8 kg      4.0mm: 10 kgMirror propertyNon-temperedDURABILITY TESTS: Testing Content Test Standard Test Results Focus ratioLaser Facility Inspection≥99

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