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Solar Street Light

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Enhance indoor life at night. Solar Indoor Lighting systems give you more time to read and write at night. They even power phones, radios and TVs, meaning you can stay in rural areas without worrying about electricity.Our Excellent core components Charge ControllersTopolo Solar Off-grid Control Unit(OCU)Gen 3.0 Charge Controller with Maximum Power Point Tracking(OCU Gen 3.0 MPPT CC)is an advanced battery charger for off-grid photovoltaic lighting system. The controller features a leading and smart tracking algorithm that maximizes the energy harvest from the PV and provides load control to prevent over discharge of the battery. BatteriesValve Regulated Lead Acid(VRLA)Battery integrates Gel electrolyte technology with long service life, high performance in deep discharging; it can be used in wide range of ambient temperature and keep good performance of constant power input .Topolo battery subsystem uses lead crystal(Gel) battery, which poses long cycle life time and delivers high efficiency with depth of discharge in long term run. The battery could be buried in-ground, which is accommodated in IP68(1.3m deep underwater, 3 months)box, and also could be placed in on-pole metal box in term of mounting type. On-pole battery subsystem comes with charge controller as well.Solar light equipped with a 30W LED fixture, manufactured byTopolo  provides efficient lighting for Streets, pathways, parking lots or sidewalks. These Lights will blend nicely in residential streets and commercial parking lots.Easy to install and not connected to the grid elctricity, these Solar Street lights will save you money on installation and maintenance.SpecificationProduct numberSolar module specificationsMaintenance-free lead-acid battery specificationsController SpecificationsLED light sourceControl methodPole TypeLight AGLBattery InstallationRemarkTPL-40180W/36V24V/65Ah24V/10ADC24V/40WLight control/time control/half power regulationtaper-rod,Ф65,The diameter:Diameter145 Thickness 2.5,280x280x127mBuried

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