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Solar Street Light Modules

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Product Description
Solar module Lifespan: 20-25 years Solar module adopts high-transmittance and low-iron tempered glass. Back side adopts white TPT or PET substrate. Imported mono-crystalline solar cells are adopted and the average conversion rate is over 16%. Component’s border: it is made of anodized high-quality aluminum alloy. The thickness of surface alumina film is 25um. Tempered glass: component’s surface glass is low-iron tempered glass(iron content is less than 0.02%). Thickness: 3.2mm; transmittance>92% Sealing material: it is sealed by imported anti-aging and good weather resistant high-quality material. It will not age or crack between -50℃ and 50℃ Dust-proof junction box: high-quality material is used to make junction box’s shell and inner insulating material. Galvanized copper electrode material is used to make terminal. It has good leakproofness,Website:, waterproofness, salt resistance and moisture resistance.We not only provide our standard products but also manufacture customized products according to your requirements.

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