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Solid Wood Bathroom Ceramic Basin Washbasin Mdf Paint Floor Bathroom Cabinet

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Origin: HangzhouInstallation: Floor typeMaterial:MDF (main cabinet), silver mirror (mirror), ceramic (wash basin)Port of shipment: Ningbo, ShanghaiMOQ:5Delivery time: 10-15 daysModelHS-011HS-012HS-013HS-014HS-015main cabinet)(mm)800*480800*520900*5201000*5201200*520Colorcreamy-whiteGold and silverBlue and whiteGreen and whitewhiteProduct features:1 packing: bubble film, bubble four angle fixed, carton, wooden protection to ensure transportation safety.2 mesa material: Guangdong high temperature ceramic basin, by the well-known manufacturers in Guangdong professional custom, modern high-tech firing, smooth surface, easy to clean, low water absorption, long life;3 cabinet body material: the MDF board, environmental protection and hard, with 100% waterproof performance and anticorrosive, moth proofing, no deformation, no cracking is ideal material for bathroom furniture4 hardware accessories: all of the cabinet hinge is the use of high-quality silent buffer hinge, automatic closure, silent no ring, to ensure your long-term smooth use.5 oil paint: the professional environmental protection furniture paint, which has the characteristics of non-toxic, non radioactive, non pollution etc., safe and healthy, fresh and natural; standard configuration: ceramic basin, the main cabinet body, attached to the cabinet, mirror and mounted to the wall of the screw fittings.6 bath mirror: the use of advanced silver mirror, the image is more clear, precise, real, more long-term life, not for a lifetime without the need to replace the spot.7 all the bath cabinet can be customized according to customer requirements of size, color, material to. Customers can also provide their own design drawings or pictures to our factory, our factory will in accordance with the requirements of customers customized yo. Fully reflect your personality. Matters needing attention and maintenance:A. keep the bathroom ventilation, the cabinet body is dry, prolong the service life. Avoid water, such as water droplets should be dry with a cloth.Please do not contact with the ground B. mirror cabinet assembly, pad of soft material, so as not to hurt.C. assembly process, attention to prevent the screw knife and other metal scratching the surface of the plateD. cleaning cabinet, the cabinet of the cleaning agent is best to use neutral reagents, such as: toothpaste wipe dirt, soft cloth wipe, but also a simple maintenance method, can also be sprayed on the cabinetE. standing some furniture liquid wax, easy to wipe, clean with a soft cloth, avoid by all means is swabbed with metal wire, 100 clean cloth, stronger chemicals.F. cabinet put cleaning products, the best pad below a layer of plastic pad with convenient cleaning or small towelG. as far as possible to keep the space of wet and dry separation, to prevent long-term water left in the tankH. should be connected to the water pipe, check whether the drip leakage.After-sale service:Product description if false or major quality problems, all the expenses of the return (not including the cost of home delivery logistics from), for personal preferences and other non quality problems buyer after receiving the product, in does not affect the product sales, no reason to return.

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